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B&W Front bow blouse

Name B&W Front bow blouse
Status finished
Started Oct 3, 2016
Completed Oct 6, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Users Comments

  • Astrid Herrera

    Hi JdT! For this blouse I would go for the medium-heavy weight fabric, I think a light weight fabric would make the bow sag.. I have used a medium weight with a bit of stretch for the main fabric and the bow is made of thick lycra that I had leftover. Hope this helps! :) Happy sewing!

  • JdT

    Hello Astrid, I need advice on the fabric... I was wondering is I need to choose a medium or heavy weight fabric for the upper part in order to allow the bow to stand nicely ? Or is the top constructed in a way that even lightweight fabric can be suitable? What fabric have you used and what your suggestion would be? Thank you in advance

  • JdT

    Wow it is wonderful

  • Astrid Herrera

    Danke schön!

  • Pfaff262

    Superschnell.klasse genäht

  • Astrid Herrera

    Thank you Violette! :)

  • Murielle Violette

    So cute! I love the bow!

  • Astrid Herrera

    Merci :)

  • Astrid Herrera

    Many thanks!

  • Maria

    This is lovely - well done!