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Celtic winter dress

Name Celtic winter dress
Status finished
Started Jan 8, 2021
Completed Jan 12, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes I wasn't much excited about this one as it was more the fact that I needed a new winter dress than any creative idea that made me choose to make this dress. I like wearing these pinafore dresses that you can simply combine with a basic cotton shirt, so I decided to make this one out a left-overs from my last flanell projects.

I added 1cm to my real measurements to make it wide enough to be able to wear a shirt underneath but I suppose this dress is anyway meant to be worn like that so this was not necessary at all and I therefore increased the seam allowance of the side seams by 0.5cm each. It is still wide enough as you can see on the pictures.

The good thing was that - being not super excided to get it finished quickly - I took my time and tried to make this one as neat and accurate as I could. The pattern on the front got quite symetrical and I even managed to get the pattern straight on the back. I was really brave - or foolish, I cannot quite decide - and used bright red for the decorative seams. I like the overall effect this has, but the seams are not 100% straight when looked at too closely (I gave my best though!).

The only thing I am really not satisfied with is the upper end of the zipper. I suppose I have to watch a few videos on how to do this... Or any advice from you more experienced co-sewists is also warmly welcome!

To make it look a little cuter, I shortened it by about 10 cm (it would exactly have reached my knee at the original length), added a big bow with a celtic knot penant to the front and a little bow at the back. And now I must say that though I was not much excited at the beginning, I am now quite in love with this new dress :)

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