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Christmas Princess Dress

Name Christmas Princess Dress
Status finished
Started Dec 18, 2020
Completed Dec 23, 2020
Progress 100 %
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Notes 2020 did not offer many occasions to wear a glamorous dress. Yet I decided to make myself a really fancy one and at least wear it on Christmas eve at my parents' house. We usually have a quite fancy Christmas party with the company where I work, so I will hopefully be able to wear it next year. I consider it perfect for such an occasion, as, depending on what I wear underneath, I can adapt the amount of skin I show, the flared skirt hides my winter belly and the pockets are very handy for storing my lip balm, handkerchiefs and also my hands when standing around in an awkward conversation ;) And still the fabric makes it REALLY fancy :D

The fabric, however, was a pain to work with: quite stiff and those silver threads would come loose and make everything full of glitter... so I had to cover every edge with a bias tape, which took me ages. I also got rid of the lining of the bodice, as I was afraid it might get too thick and stiff. I also shortened the bodice a few centimeters to make the waist match my natural waist and not sit rather low as in the original pattern. And of course, I used some lace and bowknots for decoration ;)

Users Comments

  • Andrea

    Thank you, Mirja and Newenka, I am so happy you like my dress :)

  • Newenka

    You get it better and better and it is a pity that you cannot be a princess at the annual party!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Really lovely dress.

  • Andrea

    Merci :)

  • Jaeckel Jaeckel

    Festif, brillant et lumineux.£
    Trés joli.

  • Andrea

    Merci, Désirée :)

  • désirée boutault

    Le modele initial a un coté plutot sport ;mais grace a vous et a ce tissu cela a un coté festif