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Bye-bye my golden 20ies

Name Bye-bye my golden 20ies
Status finished
Started Aug 2, 2020
Completed Sep 4, 2020
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I turned 30 this year and wanted to have a special celebration. As it is 2020 and I left my 20ies, I thought it was time for a Gatsby party with Charleston music and nice dresses.

First of all I must say that this pattern was clearly a bit too difficult for my skills. I started to make it with rayon first but soon realized that I just couldn't work with this fabric and so I had to start again with plain cotton popeline. I clearly would not recommend cotton fabric though, as my dress turned out a bit stiff and did not fall nicely and swinging... and then there are of course some little flaws due to my being a bit overchallenged... please don't look too closely!

Yet, I decided to still show this dress to you as I am quite proud of my ideas for making it somewhat wearable at my party. First of all, I added this nice fringe to make the dress swing and move a bit more when dancing. Second, I added as much glitter as I could to distract from the rather boring basic dress. I needed several weeks for the embroidery and I think it turned out really nice! So maybe it can still inspire some here...

Please excuse the wrinkles, I had been sitting and dancing in it all night...

Users Comments

  • Andrea

    Thank you all for your nice comments :)

  • Maria

    Your embroidery and trimmings make this very special, well done.
    I hope your 30's are filled with successful sewing projects!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Beautifully decorated.

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    The details on your dress are so lovely! I am sure Zelda would have had approved! :)

  • Andrea

    Thank you, Tannie, for your nice compliment about my dress! That really means a lot to me ♡

    Yesterday's party was really wonderful and everybody had a lovely evening :)

  • Tannie

    Happy birthday and your nice dress! I did take a good look at your dress and it looks really nice with the embroidery and the fringe. I hope you had a lot of success with your dress and a great party to put those 20s behind you.