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Bluse Deadly Rose

Name Bluse Deadly Rose
Status finished
Started Jun 11, 2020
Completed Jun 11, 2020
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I am quite satisfied with this blouse. Nothing to be ashamed of when you turn it inside out :D and it fits just perfectly; definitely one of the best projects I did so far!

However, I have to wear a bandeau top underneath or it clearly shows too much skin (and bra) for my taste... Definitely nothing to wear in the office ;)

Users Comments

  • Maria

    Thank you for posting this helpful description - I had not noticed the little gap on the diagrams, indicating that the top section of this was separate!
    This looks lovely, your rose fabric is gorgeous - and the bandeau top underneath makes the overall effect really nice.

  • Andrea

    Thank you :)
    Yes, it didn't seem to show as much skin on the drawing but on the other hand, I am really curvy and maybe the gap is more closed when worn by someone with a flatter chest... Having breasts tends to make you look scandalous im some clothes that look quite appropriate to be worn in public by skinnier persons :D

  • Jane Riebe

    So cute! It looks like the pattern drawing misrepresents how much space there is in the opening between the upper bodice and lower bodice. The fit looks perfect, though. Nice job!

  • Tannie

    The blouse has become a lot of fun and thanks for the tip because I did not make the pattern yet. Thanks!

  • désirée boutault

    Le résultat est tres jole et j'aime beaucoup les 2 tissus