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Ms. Marvel Dress

Name Ms. Marvel Dress
Status finished
Started Feb 20, 2015
Completed Feb 20, 2015
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I made a mockup from this, then adjusted the pattern to include the color blocking.

Users Comments

  • CaitlinContagious

    Thanks guys! I just realized that there were comments on here. I did a mockup and tweaked it, taking out the horizontal seam and A-lining the skirt a little bit. I did a blog post on this one here:

  • Annina-G

    Stunning! Your version looks more fitted than the technical drawing, did you take it more in? Also did you add fabric/folds to the skirt? Again, well done!

  • Al Ben

    You've done a fantastic job! This looks great on you

  • Icebeauty

    Perfect fit! Looks really great! Great job!

  • Susan Schaefer

    Oh, I like! Very cool. :) My first thought when I saw this site was, "Oh, awesome, COSPLAY THAT FITS!" so I think we're in the same boat. I am totally going to be the best of all possible Hobbits. (Short? Check. Fat? Triple check. Partner who'd make an incredible Thorin? Set. For. Life.)

    Go out and kick some anatomy, gorgeous. :)