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Name New project
Status finished
Started Nov 1, 2017
Completed Nov 4, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes I made this dress from pattern #5172 for a wedding we attended. I used a CASA fabric for the bottom and a sequin for the top. I cut the sequin fabric scalps for the bottom of the bodice and sleeves. This dress is fairly easy to assemble. I added a lining so I didn't have to wear a slip. I added a little length to the bodice so that it would sit a bit lower over my chest. I also added a bit to the waist but after completing the dress have decided I will take that on more to give my waist more shape. I love how it turned out and recieved many compliments!

Users Comments

  • SuziQ

    Very beautiful! Your adjustments to the pattern resulted in a very nice fitting dress that is very flattering. Well Done!

  • JdT

    I like it a lot ! Very nice dress

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Very beautiful! Looks classy with a perfect choice of fabric and proportions. Congratulations!