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50s dress

Name 50s dress
Status in progress
Started Dec 5, 2016
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Notes HMM.

Well, I made a test bodice of this pattern and the back is 4cm bigger than the front which seems... weird? I feel like the seams are pulling to the front, instead of sitting where they should. I contacted Lekala, and they said they would do a narrow back adjustment and send me the pattern again, so I'll see how that goes I guess.

I don't know, it just seems a lot for the back to be bigger by. I haven't come across a pattern with that big a discrepancy before.

Okay, So Lekala sent me another pattern, but there was no real difference, the back was still just as big. So I'm altering it as follows: adding 1.5cm to the front bodice side seam and subtracting 1.5cm from the back bodice side seam, (to shift the side seams to their correct position), moving the back darts 2cm towards the centre back and making them 1cm bigger (as they are too close to the side now and also the back is still too big), and also moving the second shoulder pleat closer to the neck, as it is falling off the shoulder. (This might just be because I have narrow shoulders.)

I still think it's a mistake in the pattern that the back is so much bigger than the front, and I shouldn't have to alter it, but oh well. The rest of it fits well at least! I'll update when I have the actual dress made.

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