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Blue cotton satin pants

Name Blue cotton satin pants
Status finished
Started Aug 17, 2021
Completed Sep 21, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes The first try of this pattern was a disaster, I had to drop it, somehow it was too baggy in the back under the elastic, above the buttocks. I tried removing fabric but then i could not fit in. So I tried inserting a zipper and removed some fabric but it didn’t work I ruined pockets while doing it. I have it another try and start from scratch. Same baggy bottom issue. I suppose this pattern doesn’t work well with hourglass shape … I have 18 cms between waist and hip measurements currently. I don’t think it is a real hourglass.
Anyway now I removed the original waistband, added a fly zipper, and drafting a new waistband.
Narrowed the legs as personal preference. The legs are wide and straight, wider than on the line drawing!
Update : I have drafted a 3 cm wide straight waistband but next time I have to make a curved one because this is not super. Also added darts to the buttocks.
I think I can make it a wearable muslin that is actually « wearable «  and not awful. However I already see I will have to shorten the front crotch length next time. I think I have got it Ok this time !

Users Comments

  • Fairy Duff

    Thank you for your comments - I looked at the tech drawing and considered this pattern. To hear that there is such bagginess at the rear and the wide leg - not tapered - I will keep looking. This is not the pattern for me.

  • Nicole Keller

    I had such hope for these, I hope you make them work. Well done on your efforts

  • JdT

    I’m so I have finished it except button because I am unsure I want to wear it. I think I have over fitted it. My husband thinks it looks nice so I eventually will try to wear it, and try to make a viscose version for summer.
    I am unsure whether I like it. I will make an update later on. I recommend the pattern for ladies with hip and waist measurements very similar, and width very drapy thin fabric that has weight.

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    You have a lot of determination! Let us know who will be the winner at the end: the patient sewist or pattern 2222! :) Best of luck to you!

  • JdT

    Thank you ladies ! Very nice comments!! Very encouraging thank you ! Yes I do believe in recording and publishing what can help others.
    I think if you use a viscose perhaps the excess fabric can be ok….. eventually…. Or if you have nearly same hip and waist measurements. Otherwise watch out.
    I will post the results soon

  • Guta

    Мне нравитс ваше упорство и что вы делитесь с нами. Это очень помогает с неизведанными выкройками!

  • Newenka

    You have such patience .... I had already thrown it in the garbage can. Hope your outcome is good.....good luck!

  • Maria

    This pattern sounds a bit of a nightmare!
    I hope it worked out in the end?