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5501 Free Short Sleeve Blouse

Name 5501 Free Short Sleeve Blouse
Status finished
Started Aug 25, 2021
Completed Aug 28, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I downloaded this pattern to test Lekala patterns and the customised fitting with some cheap poly-cotton fabric I had in my stash. I am impressed! It really does fit. I actually love the way this turned out. It is very flattering. I'm going to make more! Very easy to make.

Users Comments

  • désirée boutault

    simple mais efficace car cela fait son petit effet et bien pensé la fermeture dans le dos

  • Maria

    Beautiful colour, this suits you very well!
    I agree with Jane and often leave out back zippers, sometimes replacing with a side zipper, sometimes leaving out altogether. I find the standard Lekala patterns always fit perfectly, the “exclusive” ones can need some tweaking (e.g. length).

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is lovely!

  • Jane Riebe

    That did turn out really nice. I like Lekala patterns because they fit pretty well although I have had to tweak the fit a little bit. One thing I have found is that they almost always call for a zipper in blouses even though one isn't really needed. I typically place the back pattern piece on a fold and do away with a zipper.