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Name Bolero
Status finished
Started Nov 28, 2020
Completed Dec 11, 2020
Progress 100 %
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Notes The material is scuba and stretches in all directions. Deliberately making an edited bolero and not a classic black one ( but make well one more in black).
With the colors in this fabric, I can go many tops to wear.
I would have liked to let the patterns in the fabric continue, but that was not possible.
The bolero is ready and I made the sleeves slightly tighter from my upperarms to my wrist but that is a personal feeling. The back turned out to be way too wide and went straight down and I had to make it a total of 10 cm narrower and still gave up my body measurements and reached out.
I extended the bolero by 3 cm, but it also depends on your wishes and I am happy with it.
The bolero does not fit properly on the mannequin, so it looks like the sleeves are uneven, but both are really the same length!

Users Comments

  • Newenka

    Hello Autumn36,
    Thank you and see my answer in your mailbox.

  • Autumn36

    I have 2 yards of 40" wide Thai Silk (from Thailand).
    Although I have input the width of my fabric, I cannot see how much I would require, nor the fabric layout. Do I need to buy the pattern before I can find this information.

    I just love your finished jacket and the fabric. In fact by seeing the finished article, it has encouraged me to make it, if I have sufficient fabric.

    When you said you extended the bolero by 3 cm, did you mean the length of the bolero?

  • Newenka

    Thank you Mirja it is a nice fabric for coats.

  • Mirja Liehunen

    In fact, I fell in love with scuba cloth this fall. I found it only in one color. A really nice bolero.

  • Newenka

    Thank you Jaeckel for your nice compliment!

  • Jaeckel Jaeckel


  • Naomi

    What a fun fabric. I can't wait to see the results!